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Community Health Action serves the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities with critical services and programs. We do it with your help.

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Your support will help us reach our goals. In 2020, CHASI:

  • Distributed over Two Million Meals to families in need. Staten Island is home to thousands of families with food insecurity. Over 40% of the people served at our Port Richmond food pantry are children.
  • Kept Next Step Resource & Recovery Center open during the pandemic, including connecting people to help 24/7.
  • Saved Lives of Drug Users. In 2020, we trained 1,964 people to recognize and stop an overdose. This year, we are still providing trainings, including mailing or delivering Narcan to homes across the Island.
  • Transformed Lives After Trauma and helped people heal after violence. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we served over 1,800 survivors of domestic violence.

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