Overdose Emergency Care & Harm Reduction

CHASI operates a syringe exchange program, provides education and care for people who use drugs, and offers connections to recovery and treatment options.

Syringe Exchange

We provide sterile syringes to reduce transmission of blood borne diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.

No personal identification is needed to enroll in and use these services.

Syringe exchange programs reduce disease transmission and keep communities healthier. When you come for exchange services, you will also get access to other CHASI services, including HIV testing, free condoms, and education about what treatment is available if and when you make the decision to stop using.

Harm Reduction

We offer active drug users education and counseling about reducing harm through safer drug use practices.

Individual and group counseling is available to answer questions, provide support and information about best practices when using drugs. How to be safe and to protect yourself and others.

Fatal Opioid Overdose Prevention

The impact of substance abuse extends beyond the individual to their families and our neighborhoods. Learn how to recognize and stop an overdose.

How We Can Help

Naloxone (also known as its brand name, Narcan) is a inhaled spray that reverses an overdose from opioids, including heroin, morphine, oxycodone, roxycodone, Percocet, and other narcotics.

Families can feel helpless when a loved one is struggling. Having a tool to save a life can empower family members. We train family members and friends how to recognize an opioid overdose and reverse the overdose by giving naloxone. CHASI nurses and trainers give community presentations at schools and community organizations across the Island, and free naloxone kits are given to training participants. To learn more about Narcan or to request a training, please call 718-808-1810.

For more information about addiction assessments, treatment options, and programs, call 718-808-1439.