Re-entry from Incarceration

CHASI offers services to men and women returning to the community after incarceration.

Return to Recovery for People Leaving Prison

If you have a loved one who is returning from incarceration, there are programs available to help with their transition.

How We Can Help

Anyone who has moved to a new home can understand the stress of a new environment. Men and women who have been in prison often experience a great deal of stress after they're released --from reconnecting with families, to seeking employment to establishing new, healthy patterns.

What a difference it makes to have someone waiting for you on the outside. Our team helps inmates at QueensboroCorrectional Facility plan their return to their communities before they leave. When they are released, a recovery coach picks them up, buys them a meal, gives them a MetroCard, and makes sure they get to their first appointments. Recovery coaches also provide advice, connections to job training, and occasionally help as an intermediary between the men and their parole officers.

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